Growth Finance

Realizing the best possible corporate finance deal for technology companies

Despite the growing number of sources of corporate finance investment for technology companies, finding the right investor can still be difficult — unless you have a helping hand from an independent corporate finance expert.


For example, the difference between a successful and failed fundraising for a startup may turn on the way the business is presented to different types of potential investors.

Why Regent

We are corporate finance specialists working exclusively in the technology, communications and digital media sectors, which means:


  • We are in regular contact with a wide range of technology investors: both venture capitalists and private equity investors, and ranging from individuals and small investment firms to large financial institutions.
  • We understand how to position and convey the value of your company to these investors, and what type of financing structure is best for your circumstances and objectives.

Insight from TechBase

We can also draw on TechBase, our uniquely comprehensive database of European technology M&A-related transactions. This tells us which investors are active in specific types of deals or interested in specific types of technology company, enabling us to give you more relevant advice about whom to approach.

Get in Touch

From product development to growth acquisition, from strengthening the balance sheet to geographical expansion, there are a multitude of reasons for seeking new investment. With a 30-year track record as technology corporate finance specialists, we know how to help, so please do get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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