Corporate Divestment

To get the right result, you need the right M&A advisers

If you look at our track record in technology M&A and corporate finance, you will see why so many of the largest companies in technology, communications and digital media choose Regent as their M&A advisers for corporate divestment.

Why Regent

While a divestment ultimately follows much the same process as a company sale, it calls for very different preparation to get the right result for both the parent company and the business being divested.


This takes a lot of experience, which is why your transaction will be personally managed by one of the Partners who lead the Regent team. They will help you answer critical questions such as:


  • Are the overall objectives and priorities of the parent company clear? What is the relative importance of sale value and transaction speed? What other considerations are key?
  • Do the managers of the business being divested wish to consider a management buyout? If not, what are their objectives and plans?
  • What, if any, restructuring must happen before completing the divestment, to minimize disruption and simplify commercial arrangements?


Good up-front preparation is the secret to maximizing value and completing a successful divestment in a timely manner. We often commit a team of M&A advisers to work confidentially with corporate management to make full divestment preparations before the sale process starts.

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Even among other technology business divestments, yours will be unique. Please do get in touch to learn more about how our approach as your M&A advisers will help you realize value as you understand it.

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