A unique tool that informs our M&A advisory services

We take market research seriously because we believe it directly affects the success of our M&A advisory services. A key responsibility of our in-house research function is to maintain and evolve TechBase, a unique resource that we have been developing for 30 years.


We supplement TechBase with a proprietary in-house deal management database. This holds information about our considerable international contact network and all of the companies we have worked with in completing some 400 technology M&A advisory assignments.

Why TechBase Matters

TechBase is the most complete database of European M&A deals that involve a technology, communications or digital media business. It holds every transaction where at least one party is headquartered in Europe, and there is a change in majority ownership of a technology company.


While it is far from being the only research resource that we use, it gives us some unique advantages:

Realistic valuations: specificity improves accuracy

We can drill down to specific technology sub-sectors. If, for example, you are a software house, we can analyse the market:


  • For software in general; or
  • For software aimed at a specific vertical (eg, healthcare or finance); or
  • By type of horizontal software (eg, ERP or HR); or
  • Any of these by geography… and so on.


Specificity increases accuracy in valuations and gives us credible data to back up your negotiating position. Our valuations are also influenced by an accurate view of trends in the industry.

Trend-spotting: knowing where the action is

TechBase collates data from numerous different sources, giving us a highly accurate overview of what is happening where, and who is involved. We can:


  • Finetune our valuations in light of emerging trends.
  • Know which buyers are active in specific sub-sectors and geographies.


All of this is at your service when you choose us as your M&A advisory firm.

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