Research Expertise

The competitive edge you want from your M&A advisory firm

We believe that the success of an M&A advisory service depends directly on the quality of market research that informs the advice.


This is why we have an in-house research function, led by one of the members of our Partner team. He is dedicated exclusively to researching M&A deals and corporate finance activity in the technology markets in which we specialize.

The Value of Regent’s Research

Research is at the heart of everything we do — and it shows. We are regularly approached by technology industry analysts for comment on industry trends, or asked to speak at industry events.


What does this mean for you, when you choose us as your M&A advisory firm?

Market knowledge applied to your needs

Every assignment starts with a kickoff meeting that our Research Partner attends. He is directly involved in understanding your needs, and informs your strategy with his extensive market knowledge. Following the meeting, he directs further market research specific to your situation and requirements (for example, by focusing on your specific technology sub-sector or specific countries important to you).


In other words: our M&A advisory service is highly tailored to your needs.

The choice you want for acquisition

If your aim is to acquire a technology business, the set of possible targets may be huge. So it helps to have research on your side that uses a wide range of sources. With Regent these range from analyst reports and market data feeds, to connections made at trade shows, conferences and other industry events. Because of our reputation, our research happens not just in the office but out there in the market.


In other words: You will be hard-pressed to find an M&A advisory firm more able to source a comprehensive list of relevant acquisition targets, putting you in the strongest possible negotiating position.

Competitive market for a sale or divestment

If you are selling a technology business or divesting your company of one, you want an M&A advisory firm that can set up a competitive market for you. The strength and credibility of our research matters in two ways:


  • We can source a comprehensive list of appropriate potential buyers for you: locally and internationally as relevant.
  • We can maximize their interest by positioning your business in the context of specific, credible market information. Credibility means a lot in this business, so our research Partner helps to draw up the information memorandum (IM) that kickstarts your selling process.
A stronger, more credible negotiating position

Whether you are acquiring or selling a business, it helps to be able to point to similar deals to back up your negotiating position. Knowing in general what is happening in the technology market is not enough; you want to be able to point to data that is directly comparable: the more specific, the better.


No-one has more comprehensive and specific data about technology M&A deals in Europe than we do, thanks to our proprietary TechBase repository.
TechBase is not the only research resource that we use, but as the most comprehensive database of its kind it gives us a big head start in sourcing target lists, spotting trends, performing valuations, and backing up our negotiation on your behalf.

The TechBase Advantage

TechBase is our uniquely comprehensive database of technology M&A transactions in Europe. It informs much of our M&A advisory work and gives you a competitive advantage when we negotiate your deal.

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