Our Approach

Used in hundreds of corporate finance deals for technology businesses

During more than 30 years specializing in corporate finance for technology businesses, we have developed a tried-and-tested approach — the Regent approach — that works to achieve the best results for you. The precise steps differ depending on whether your transaction is an acquisition, sale or divestment, but each of these processes always includes five key elements.

Our Approach
1. Positioning research

Research informs every step we take, starting with how best to position your business and the value it offers — either as a technology business or to technology businesses.


The value of our in-house research function is widely recognized in the world of technology corporate finance. In the context of your assignment, we start by carefully listening to you — to understand your position and objectives — so as to tailor our research to your needs.

2. Go-to-market strategic advice

It takes experience to interpret market research in light of your business objectives, then translate that into the go-to-market strategy that will achieve the best deal for you. In Regent you have all the experience you need: an M&A firm that has successfully completed some 400 corporate finance assignments for technology businesses.

3. TechBase

TechBase is the most complete database of M&A deals in Europe that involve a technology, communications or digital media business. We have been developing this unique corporate finance resource for some 30 years, and today we use it to spot emerging trends, inform our valuations, identify the best targets for you, and provide the facts to back up our negotiating strategy.


TechBase is not the only research resource that we use, but as the most comprehensive database of its kind it gives us a big head start. In particular, it tells us what is happening in your specific technology sub-sector (for example: financial software, networking, cloud infrastructure, digital media) — a depth of insight that is hard to beat.

4. Competitive shortlist

Fundamentally, achieving a good deal calls for a competitive market. So our process is all about creating a realistic shortlist of companies that are serious contenders (whether as buyers for your business or as acquisition targets).


Again, this is down to our research capability and long specialization in corporate finance for technology businesses. The targets we share with you will be both comprehensive and international (unless a specific geography is a requirement). We then help you whittle these down to your preferred shortlist.

5. Partner-led throughout

Every transaction is personally managed by one of the Partners who lead the Regent team. They will be a specialist in your specific technology sector (for example, telecommunication infrastructure or digital media) and will be with you from start to finish.


Your Partner will use all of their experience to manage negotiations with astuteness and agility. They build rapport with the bidding parties, assess the opportunities objectively, avoid pitfalls, and manage the other professionals involved in the process. All so that you can conclude the right deal, in a timely manner.

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Hundreds of assignments, many from repeat customers, are testament to the success of our approach. If you want a specialist in corporate finance to help your technology business (or to help you acquire one), please get in touch.