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As an M&A firm specializing in technology, we see cross-border transactions all the time. From telecommunication giants to niche digital media players, technology companies frequently turn to us when they want to grow through international acquisition. If, on the other hand, you are selling a technology business or divesting your company of one, your buyer may come from anywhere in the world.


So it is hardly surprising that many of our 400 technology M&A assignments have been cross-border, covering some 40 countries in all.

Your M&A firm for Europe
Regent is headquartered in the UK. The team here serves Europe directly, and has an extensive network of contacts in North America and Asia.


When you choose an M&A firm to help with your assignment, it helps if they are ahead of the curve in spotting geographical trends. This is one of the reasons that we maintain the most comprehensive European transaction database of any M&A firm in the technology space.


TechBase tells us exactly which countries and organizations — worldwide — are most active in M&A activity in Europe, so that we know where to focus in finding the best opportunities for you.

Your M&A firm for North America
In our decades as a technology M&A specialist we have built a large network of contacts in North America. We also have a strategic partnership with corporate finance company, Fairmount Partners, a like-minded American M&A firm.

Your M&A firm for Asia
As Asia has grown into a technology powerhouse we have achieved notable successes there. Thanks in part to TechBase alerting us to emerging trends, we have been active in the Indian technology space for 20 years.

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